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Where do I start on yesterday... It all averages out in the end. We didn't catch the breaks last night but we had caught plenty before. We really do not like today's card. Most of the games we had bet early have been pulled off the card. There are a few unders today (UK/UT) that we like but we think it is silly to bet a under in today's college football. There are a few overs that we like but scared of the second team doing their part. That is why we took the TT for A&M and not just the over for the game. We like the ND and Clemson games but scared of the backdoor in both of those. That might be a good pair to tease down. Also the TT are so high for each of them it is just not worth the wager. In summary, all the picks we really liked are canceled. We wanted to get the early games out there though. We will continue to break down the numbers and add plays through the day.

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