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10.19 Update

If you checked my story I posed an article on teasers. https://www.actionnetwork.com/nfl/week-6-nfl-betting-picks-teaser-guide-stuckey-2020. I think it was some really good insight into the facet of the game and it turns out they all hit. We had a winning week of 7.2 units. Even though it isn't huge, that is what we are looking for. We just want consistent growth in our bankroll and be able to wager large on plays when a higher probability presents itself. Let's keep this going.

Not asking you to do my job, but mentions or DMs of winning tickets really help us grow. That translates into more data and more time analyzing the data. Like we have always said, this isn't to fund expensive cars or trips, we have other careers for that. 100% of the money goes back to sports investments.

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Early 2.24

So when I tried to issue refunds last night, it closed my Stripe account. If you are having trouble getting into the website let me know and I can switch the account around.


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