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11.1 Phil / Dallas

Today has been a beating. We ended the morning run up only 2 units. That is completely my fault. I let the wind all a lot of outside influences make me doubt what I believed in. Not saying picking the Steelers to win was the right side, they just did it though. Hopefully Tenn can hold up. The Rams were disappointing and so were the Titans. Might add them with the 49ers as teams I won't bet on. Another idiot mistake was go against the best performing player Russel Wilson. Today was just a complete dumpster fire as far as handicapping goes though. I think we will come out ahead but if anything it will be only a small victory. I promise we will do better next week. Its not that we lost that is so upsetting, it is that we lost such a good opportunity to make some money like we did Saturday and this football season is running out of weeks.

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