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Updated: Nov 20, 2020

Sorry it took forever to get this out. We can make cases for both teams in both games. This is a day to stay away from. Neither of these plays would be in our card if they were on Saturday or Sunday. We have Cards as a 2.5 favorite on neutral ground. Seattle used to be a 4 point favorite for home field advantage, but under Covid its hard to put a number on that. Say we use 2.5 for homefield in Seattle, it would still be a pick em. Using that we see value in the 3.5 spread. We like the two team totals better though. I am not convinced in this "great" Tulsa defense but do not trust Tulane to play a big game. Rather just see what they do at the start against a team that is a slow starter. Probably our favorite play is Russell to throw a INT. He is trying to carry a team and is making throws he normally shouldn't. In summary, the best play for us is the INT. The second best is the Team Totals. Love the Murry to score a touchdown but the juice is just too high. Nothing great, but here is the curse of running this site, we have to make a picks. Let's see if we can find some gold.

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