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12.28 Updated

We are already loaded up on the Bills-1 in our teasers so we are going to stay away from the spread in that game. I think thought it will be a blow out so if you haven't bet it yet there is no amount of points you could give me to take New England in this game if Jared isn't starting. We don't like the over because I don't know how many points New England will score. We will take the Bills on the first half TT of o13.5 and the o27.5 Team Total for the game. New England hasn't scored in the first quarter this year at home so the under on their 1Q Team Total is a popular play. The Bills have a tendency to start slow but usually put up points in the second quarter. If that happens we will be live betting the 2Q Team Total. I don't know if we will have time to get it out to everyone so just keep that in mind if you see it on the results the next day. Bills are held scoreless in the 1st Quarter, unless something major happens, we will bet the live 2Q Team Total. We also put two units on the Beasley over 4.5 Receptions. The Bills don't want to play KC till the final game so I think they will play hard. Brown coming back and Beasley matched up with Jones keeps me from firing more but I still think there will be value here with them probably nursing Diggs. If you take a Cam prop I would take the under in rushing yards and him not to throw an Int since there is a good chance he may get benched. The correct way to play this if you like the Pats is to tease it to over two touchdowns and the under. The Pats won't win in a shootout so the under is the correlation piece for the Pats to cover. I can't do that but wanted to show it on the graphic. We also think there is an edge in the Rockets game but I just need to see more games before I actually start putting my money on them. If you like it though, that is the way we are learning.

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