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Bou’ Daily fantasy corner 12/6

Daily fantasy 12/6

High end QB’s to start

-P Maholmes

-J Herbert

-A Rodgers

QB’s to sit

-K Murry

-m Staffard


-K Cousins

-R Tannahill

-R Fitz (pending Tua)

-M Tribisky

High End RB’s to start

-D Cook

-N Chubb

-D Henry

-J Robinson

RB’s to sit

-A Kamara

- T Gurley

- both D Johnson’s on Hou


-M Gaskins

-D Booker

- F Gore

* I’m starting Gaskins & Booker then spending on either Henry or cook. Trackorcito season

High end WR’s to start

-T hill

-D Adams

-K Allen

-both Vikings WR’s

-both Seahawks WR’s

Plenty of top WR’s with good QB’s and matchups. Spend a lot of $$ here

WR sit

-M Thomas

-D Hopkins

WR sleepers

-B Cooks

-D Parker

-R Woods

-A Lazard

-H Ruggs

TE I’m only starting 1 of these players on this wasteland position


-A Hooper

-K Rudolph

-H Hurst


Teams to stack






⁃ fade the Eagles/Packers

⁃ Fade Lions/Bears

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