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Bou’s daily fantasy football 1/3

Daily fantasy 1/3

A lot of land mines out there we need to avoid. Covid. Covid. Covid. Injuries. Teams resting players.

High end QB’s to start

-L Jackson

-R Tannahill

-A Rodgers

-D Watson

QB’s to sit

-J Allen




-K Cousins

-J Hurts

-D Brees

-D Lock

*Im going with a sleeper

High End RB’s to start

-D Henry

-J Montgomery

-J Taylor

-N Chubb

RB’s to sit

-D cook

-A Kamara

- M Sanders


-G Edwards

-T Montgomery

- M Gordon

-M Boone

-C Carson

High end WR’s to start

-D Adam’s

-J Jefferson

-C Ridley

-AJ Brown

Spend $$ on these WR with good matchups

WR sit

-t hill

-T McLaurin

-D Hopkins

-all Steelers WR

WR sleepers

-J Juedy

-R James

-M Williams

-A Isabella or Keeshawn Johnson

TE I’m only starting 1 of these players on this wasteland position

-I Smith




-m Andrew

-J Smith

Teams to stack






⁃ fade Steelers

⁃ Fade Rams

⁃ Fade bills/dolphins

⁃ Fade Washington

⁃ Fade Cowboys/Giants

⁃ Chiefs

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