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Bou’s Fantasy Corner 11/29 covid sucks

Daily fantasy 11/29

*covid week. Start and pay extra for players who are playing with their 1st string qb!!!

High end QB’s to start

-P Maholmes

-J Herbert

-J Allen

QB’s to sit

-R Tannahill

-every qb with key players out with covid or injury


-T Hill

-D Carr

-D Jones

High End RB’s to start

-D Cook

-N Chubb

-D Henry

-J Robinson

RB’s to sit

-J Taylor

-A Eckler

-C Edwards Helaire


-W Gallman

-c Akers (deep flyer)

- N Hines

High end WR’s to start

-T hill

-J Jefferson

-K Allen

-S Diggs

-C Ridley

Plenty of top WR’s with good QB’s and matchups. Spend a lot of $$ here

WR sit

-J Jones

-A Theilan

-DJ Chark

WR sleepers

-Carolina WR’s (3)

-R Gage

-M Pittman

-C Kirk

-L Shenault

TE I’m only starting 1 of these players on this wasteland position



-H Henry

-H Hurst

Games to stack





• Watch for the Covid. im grabbing a sleeper qb and 1 high end RB. spend bulk on 3 high end WR’s. find a sleeper flex

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