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We are about a month into running this service and we are looking for feedback.

  • Do you want us to break down and show the COS (Chance of Success) calculation on all the games or just the games we are wagering on?

  • Are we too honest with our social media posts and you think we should post like most of the other cappers? We pride ourselves sticking with our constantly changing model that has brought us success in the past.

  • Do you like parlays? We can start putting more out there if you like them. They are casinos best friend though. There is a reason that major sports book post huge payouts from parlay tickets. They want you to chase that dream. To be honest, in our book, we love guys that only bet parlays. For every winning ticket there are 300 tickets that lose.

  • We don't want to give you a link to our book (conflict of interest) but if you are having problems finding online books we can suggest a couple that we hedge our big bets off on.

  • Would you like for us to do a podcast or video recording where we break down the picks?

Let us know what we can do to better serve you, other than betting Braves Team Total Overs. Are there other sports you would like us to handicap for you. From our MMA background we do a lot of UFC picks. We had two yesterday that won but we had already put out so many units to play for the day we didn't want someone to have 20% of the bankroll tied up in one day.

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