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Week 8 Update

No way around it, we did terrible yesterday. We can't even say we were on the right side of some of those bets and still lost. We knew it was going to be a rough day to scratch out wins, but we didn't think it was going to be our worst day of the year. You guys aren't happy, our investors aren't happy and we really aren't happy. This is why we stress you take out some of the winnings from your bankroll to manage the losses. We thought we did enough work during the week so I tried to catch the opening day of big duck season here in Houston. Looking back, no amount of ducks is worth the losses we took financially yesterday.

We still won 17 units last week but it could of been much more. Everyone has losing days but we promise we won't have a losing day like that again. Here are the stats for us to date.

Lets turn the ship around and stay on the winning side this week. The MNF game is terrible and the MAC bets aren't as easy as they were last week, but we will find some gold.

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